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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ash Street Block Club Meeting

I know. I know. This is a month late, but only yesterday did I find out some of the Corner Boyz and Street Hustlers walked up to some of the residents on the street and asked them if they were going to go to the meeting. Intimidation. Still we had a decent turnout. Below is the minutes and first newsletter for the Ash Street Block Club Association--July's meeting--even though it's a month late.

By the way, with the exception of the gangbanger house, everyone is abiding by the suggestions made in this newsletter.

Ash Street Block Club Association (est. 1996)
320 Ash
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Minutes for the meeting held on July 13th, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM. Present: Jerry Lewis, business owner; Ann Hoffman, property owner; Sam Donehue and Jamie Jo Gallan, business owner’s representative; Deborah Wymbs, property owner; Kim Davis, resident; and Michael Brownstein, property owner.

A brief overview of the purpose of the Ash Street Block Club with a listing of comments from area residents was presented by Michael Brownstein. A number of surrounding businesses let us know we have their support and assistance.

Then we had a discussion on the vandalism in the area including graffiti, the loud noise (loud talking and loud music) late nights, and problems with teenagers and other visitors who do not live on the block.

Three rules were proposed and passed unanimously:

1. When a property decides to have a party for adults (everyone is over 18 years of age), they should notify their neighbors about the party (dates and times). This rule does not apply to parties with individuals under eighteen. (Their parties must end before curfew so everyone can get home safely and the party goers should always be on the host property’s premises. In this way, adults can supervise and chaperone effectively.)
2. After 1:30 AM, if the adult party is still going, control it back into the hosting house. (This rule does not apply to juveniles.)
3. Adults with children (children are defined as individuals under the age of eighteen) are deemed responsible for the behavior of their children and their children’s company. This includes graffiti, tagging, vandalism, destruction to property, etc.

Two pieces of advice were also unanimously accepted:

1. Respect your neighbors/respect each other.
2. If there is a problem, discuss it with the individual the next morning, if possible.

If anyone has any issues, suggestions, compliments, rumors, complaints, please feel free to contact Ash Street Block Club Association at 573-893-2019.

Michael Brownstein, Ash Street Block Club Association


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