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The day in the life of an inner city large urban school district teacher after the high stakes testing ends and there is still three more months left before summer vacation.

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I have taught school for over thirty years always in the inner city and for the most part always upper grade students. I have two children and I have been married for twenty years.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I put on my skates again to demonstrate physics concepts to my other science class and guess what? It went great. Really great. If I could figure out how to do fonts on this new blogger, I’d make the greats GREATER!

I skated more, taught the same concepts as yesterday, but this class was an hour longer, so when we went to math—because they did not finish their math during their math class next door—there was a bit of disgruntlement. Disgruntlement. Hmmmm. Thought I had made up a new word, but spell check didn’t underline it.

Anyway, the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s who have been at war in our school for a few months left. Yep, they’re gone. And guess what? Dismissal went so smoothly after school and after the after school programs, I was amazed.

Second evening and absolutely no problems at all.

How cool is that?

(But how do you make the fonts different sizes?)

Then I went home, logged onto my personal email, and I’m invited to an invitation only poetry festival. As a reader and writer.

OK—today will be even better.

The man from Viet Nam, Frank Christensen, must have sprinkled magic stuff when he came through last year.


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