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Monday, March 19, 2007

A New Grant--After School Programs

We're starting our second week of the ISAT. So far so good.

Here's a grant for those of you who want to start after school programs. Questions 1-3. I'll post the rest later this week.

1.) Please provide a brief overview of your After-School All-Stars program.

______’s after-school program will include a variety of elements including dance, music, arts and crafts, creative writing, sports, recreational board games, a computer lab, a math and science club, an algebra workshop, a homework club, a tutorial program—peer tutoring and small group tutoring, and a community service/student mentoring/character education leadership component. (Research shows we too often remediate at risk learners rather than enrich them. The leadership training component of the All Stars—tutoring, community service and mentoring—will offer at risk learners positive leadership practice.)

Classes will meet for two hours two days a week. Students will sign up for two classes per week. The first thirty minutes of each class will be utilized for peer tutoring, small group tutoring and/or homework assistance. The students will then begin their activity classes.

2.) How will students not served by the SES be included in the program?

All students in the program will be served in the academics portion of the program. Tutoring and homework assistance will be offered for the first thirty minutes of each two hour session. (More time can be supplied as needed.) In addition, students can select academic programs such as the math and science club, the algebra workshop, creative writing, the computer lab and the homework club.

3.) How does this program support your regular day?

Attendance is a priority goal of _______’s. Research has demonstrated again and again if students have engaging activities to participate in, they will attend school so they can participate in these programs. For example, if a student signs up for arts and crafts and creative writing, they will attend school in order to participate in the after-school activities.

Because the After-School All Stars has a variety of activities meeting the cognitive and learning needs of all of the students, the program also allows students to discover new ways of learning, integrate new strategies for cognitive and intellectual development into their vitae of educational resources and develop new methodologies to become better students. The focus of ______ is to create a community of lifelong; learners. All of the _______ programs aim to make this statement true.

Lastly, the _______ scores on standardized testing remains at the second to the bottom quartile. With additional supports, resources, and review, the students will be able to negotiate the path of successful academia thereby gaining more confidence in their academic ability. With this rise of self-esteem, students will show positive gains on standardized tests. After all, the more one practices a skill, the better they are able to succeed at that skill.


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