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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 90,000 Dollar Teacher

OK. OK. So in Denver it is possible for a teacher with more than thirty years experience (like me) and a masters in education (like me) can make 90,000 dollars if their class performs well on standardized tests and other criteria. (I read this the same day I wrote my blog. It was an article I cannot find on the Internet.)

Teachers in Denver can actually get bonuses for their work in the classroom!

I don’t live in Denver. I live in Chicago. We don’t have bonuses for success in our classrooms. We don’t make 90,000 dollars. We, in fact, face serious deficits every year and our pay raises are erased by our higher medical premiums. And the teachers’ union is adamantly against it. (It hates it so much, this issue is also a strike issue.)

So I guess I’m still too stupid. Remember my sister, P., said I must be stupid to be working for less than 80,000 dollars with thirty years experience and a masters.

I still teach in Chicago.

I should go to Colorado and get a job in their system.

According to the latest ISAT (the Illinois standardized test), my seventh grade classes scored a 97% on the science portion of the test and almost a 70% on the reading portion.

Not bad.

The district only wanted a fifty or better.

So I guess I’ll remain here and keep being stupid. After all, I’m fairly successful in my classroom.


Blogger A Teacher's Log said...

dear sir,
i made you laugh a total of seven times in one day. i must be doing things right.
when is your television series coming on tv? can't wait to see the "90,000 dollar teacher". do you have super powers??//

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I can assume here from finding several articles
> is that the pay scales were topping out at between
> 50 and 55K. Now the teachers have an opportunity to
> make up to 33K more, see link.
> http://edwize.org/pay-for-performance-vote-in-denver
> My Best,
> Rose Fisher

6:17 AM  

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