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Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Teacher Union Meeting of the Year

Union Delegate Report—September 6, 2006
Michael H. Brownstein, Delegate

Marilyn Stewart, the CTU President, talked for a very long time—sometimes incoherently, other times quite lucid.


“The union is not pro incompetent teachers. We are pro due process. To support incompetence—how crazy is this?”

“We will begin contract negotiations this fall.”

“Please keep all of your Board documentation. Take them with you to your grave. You never can tell with the Board what they will do next.”

“We’re educating children to get an education.” (My personal favorite of the night.)

“We must support school funding. There will be a rally in October and we should be there wearing red.” I’ll give out more details when I receive them.

“We will need members to volunteer to work the phone banks. We pay a ten dollar per hour stipend. We do have one change: If you’re going to work the phone banks, you must sign a deduction card for CTU PAC.”

“The Virtual School? Another name for home schooling. Every student will receive a free laptop, Internet connection and a free phone bill. (Honest—a free bill.) How many of you have enough computers in your classroom for all of your students? Once again the Board is taking away money from the public schools.”

The union backed the Democratic Party in the coming statewide elections—but it wasn’t a unanimous decision.

Dr. Suzy Fox will be conducting an on-line survey about teacher stress. It will take about fifteen minutes, but it is entirely voluntary. More on this later.

The CTU website is: www.ctunet.com

The rest of the meeting: Officers read to us what was in our packet and this was too depressing for me (cause I can read them by myself), so I had to leave.


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