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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A New Grant--After School Programs--Part 2

4.) What are the projected outcomes of the ASAS program?

We will evaluate the program with the following data:

A one percent increase in daily attendance; a fifty percent drop in negative referrals to the office from students participating in the program; a ten percent gain in standardized testing in science, math and reading; and individual student portfolio and performance tests. All of these evaluations will be done by the facilitator of the program with assistance from the administration.

Students will also demonstrate their skills through an annual exhibit and show of artwork, poetry and creative writing, dance, music and technology. Other items will also be showcased: demonstrations in science and math (including algebra) and an awards ceremony honoring the students who volunteered for tutoring, homework assistance and community service.

5.) Outline how you plan to use your $1500 Equipment and Supply Stipend you will receive in addition to your award amount.

We will divide the money into three parts—one thirds for sports and recreation, one third for material for the arts and crafts program and one third for materials for the science and algebra programs.

In this way, we will be able to supply our students with the needed supplies for a successful arts and crafts program. We will be able to add additional resources to our sports and recreational programs. Lastly, students in the math, science and algebra sections of the program will have the needed supplies to accomplish hands-on activities and science experiments.

6.) Describe your service learning program and how the project will serve the needs of the students and the community.

Students will be active participants in the tutoring and homework assistance components of the project. We will have a leadership/mentoring training for interested students. These same students will also tutor students within their peer group and/or students in other classrooms. Furthermore, they will act as mentors and character education leaders to resolve problems through a conflict resolution program developed by the professional staff of ______ through an in-kind grant from Channing-Bete.

In addition, the students of the All Star program will participate in two or more field trips to nursing homes, anti-littering campaigns, and gardening.

All of these activities link to academic and learning goals. (Gardening, for example, links to science.) The students will decide which activities they want to participate in and work together to plan them. Across age tutoring and mentoring will benefit the entire ________ educational community. All students will be active in the community learning service component of the program.

7.) An end of the year celebration will encompass all of the successes of the _______ After-School All Star program. In addition, students will evaluate with a reflective essay how they felt about the project and fill out an evaluation.

8.) Budget--MATERIALS

equipment for sports activities—softballs, 600
basketballs, soccer balls, nets, goals,
field hockey equipment

academics—library for program for reading/ 600
peer tutoring/cross the grade assistance

art supplies (for art class) 150

science equipment (for the science club) 150

total: 1500

9.) Budget—personnel

five teachers at $30 per hour 7000
five teacher assistants at $30 an hour 7000
administrative expenses 1000

total: 15000


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